Grand Trunk Express 1

She was twelve when the man with the green eyes appeared. I want to say he appeared in her dreams, for she was certainly asleep when she saw him, but unlike the normal dream visitor, he didn't disappear when she opened her eyes. He didn't disappear when she closed her eyes either. Inside and outside, he stood in front of her like a statue, as if waiting for her to say something.

The first three times he parked himself between the bed and the window, she was too scared to speak. On the fourth night, his eyes flickered orange before beaming green once again. Was that a sign she thought? What if his eye turns red?

'I'm not a traffic light you idiot'

'Who are you to call me an idiot mister?'

is what she wanted to say but being a wee bit scared, she asked:

'Why are your eyes changing colors?'

'How about I call you a moron instead? Is that better? My eyes flicker for any number of reasons. I have only eliminated the first 23,000.'

How many reasons are there?

'At least ten billion, according to the cosmic ledger'

Let's see - three nights to run through 23000 reasons. That's over three thousand years to go through the cosmic ledger. She didn't want to spend that kind of time with a green eyed man.

'Don't worry about my eyes. Don't you want to know why I am here?'

'Duh. Why are you here?' This time she spoke to him in her head, seeing as he was able to read her mind.

'I would tell you but then I would have to kill you' said the green man with a smile.

She felt an irritation she hadn't felt in a long long time. Rising up with fists clenched, she yelled 'it's bad enough that everyone calls me stupid but I AM NOT going to take smack from a green eyed goblin who call's me an idiot. Stop this and stop it now.'

Saying that, she closed her eyes and held her breath, retreating into herself.

Except the G-man was inside too

'Tch, tch. Look who's angry now? Did a boy pull your ponytail in the playground today?''

'They wouldn't dare or I'd kick their shins till they cried'

upon which she burst into tears and pulled the sheets over her face.

'Hey hey hey. I'm as stuck with you as you are with me OK?'


'Our names were entered on the same line in the cosmic ledger'

'That ledger again.'

'You're going to hear a lot more about it, I'm afraid' and before she could respond 'don't ask me who wrote that ledger entry. Their minds are as invisible to me as mine are to you'

'I want to shred that ledger to pieces'

'Me too. Listen, there's nothing we can do about the ledger, but I am going to be a little less creepy ok'

The G-man sat down at the end of the bed

'Ah, playing statue for days on end is tiring'

'No one asked my permission to play Easter Island'

It was the G-man's turn to be irritated.

'Stop whining will you? I am exposed to your thoughts and feelings 24/7 and there's nothing I can do to block them'

'Poor monster'

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